I’m a New York City based writer with a colorful resume and a passion for inventive, genre-bending scripted projects of all mediums that center underrepresented stories and voices.

After stints as a bestselling romance novelist, actor, playwright, and feminist blogger, I created Lady Parts, an online project dedicated to calling out sexism in entertainment, and Lady Parts: The Webseries, a companion comedic digital series.

Since then, I’ve been working as a creative copywriter with various branding agencies and production companies while scripting everything from feature-length screenplays and multimedia live events to narrative sci-fi audio dramas.

I am an industrious, imaginative, and adaptable writer who isn’t afraid to try new things and take on complex, challenging assignments. Whether you’re looking for someone to write a brand promo, a screenplay, or even your memoir, drop me a line at katrina.p.day@gmail.com, and tell me all about it.