Oh, hey.

I’m a Brooklyn based writer whose professional path has been anything but boring. After graduating from NYU with my BFA in acting, I spent five years ghostwriting romance novels for an indie book publisher, blogging for feminist publications like BUST Magazine, and running Lady Parts, a blog dedicated to calling out sexism in entertainment.

After creating Lady Parts: The Webseries, a comedic digital series based on my blog, I began developing a handful of screenplays with some folks out in Hollywood, freelancing with creative agencies and production companies here in NYC, and scripting everything from multimedia live events to a couple of narrative sci-fi podcasts.

I am an industrious, imaginative, and adaptable writer who isn’t afraid to try new things and take on challenging assignments. Whether you’re looking for someone to write a brand promo, a screenplay, or even your memoir, I’d love to hear from you. Drop me a line at katrina.p.day@gmail.com, and let’s chat.