Video Work

Smithsonian Channel Plus App Digital Ads

I was part of the creative team that produced this series of digital ads for the new Smithsonian Channel Plus App at the branding agency LoyalKaspar. As the creative copywriter on this team, I helped to develop the script and copy for these ads, as well as contributing ideas for the design and video elements.

"Candid Casting Calls": An Upworthy Original

I wrote and produced the video "Candid Casting Calls" in collaboration with Upworthy. Inspired by my blog, Lady Parts, this Web video features real actresses reading some of the casting calls they see on a daily basis. All casting calls are 100% real—we only wish we were making this stuff up.


"Out on the Wing": A Branded Short

I wrote and directed this branded short for Gatherer Entertainment, a company dedicated to producing content by and for women. "Out on the Wing" follows a team of young female filmmakers as they make their way through the exhilarating, harrowing process of indie production.