Lady Parts


Lady Parts: A Blog about Heinous Casting Calls & Hilarious Women

Lady Parts is a blog, webseries, and online community dedicated to calling out discrimination in entertainment and celebrating the work of women artists. I launched Lady Parts in 2014 with the intent of shining a light on the heinously sexist world of online casting calls. The blog quickly accrued a following of 25K+, and was featured by Buzzfeed, Jezebel, the Huffington Post, and many other outlets around the world. 

The popularity of the Lady Parts blog led me to create Lady Parts: The Webseries, a collection of ten comedic digital shorts that I wrote, directed, and starred in. The series was covered by BUST, Bitch Media, and the Daily Dot, and screened at film festivals around the country. 

In 2018, the entertainment nonprofit FACES (Female Artistic & Commercial Entrepreneur Support) re-released Lady Parts: Season One on their platform. You can check out Season One below! 

Lady Parts: The Webseries — Season One

Episode 01, “Rape Joke”: Katrina gets cast in a new play.

Episode 02, "Prop Comedy": Blaire takes an improv class.

Episode 03, "What a Kant": Brittany has some questions about her character.

Episode 04, "The Hot One & The Cute One": Piyali and Jeanne Joe are typecast.

Episode 05, "The Gatekeepers": Katrina gets proactive about her career.

Episode 06, "Unlikeable": Katie gets some notes in scene study class.

Episode 07, "Horror Show": Katey meets an agent.

Episode 08, "Part of the Problem": Emma and Izzy discuss their "types".

Episode 09, "You're Never Fully Dressed": Katrina notices some patterns.

Episode 10, "Shit Gets Real": The ladies go to an open call.