b. 1986, HK.

Oh, hey.

I'm Katrina Day, a writer, actor, and content creator based in Brooklyn, New York. I'm also the founder of Lady Parts, an online platform dedicated to calling out discrimination in entertainment and celebrating the work of badass women artists. My primary focus as a writer is creating scripted, narrative content. I also work with various clients to produce blog content, Web videos, theatrical & live event scripts, and other branded content and digital marketing materials.

In my 5+ years of experience, my personal and professional projects have run quite the gamut—from feature screenplays, to ghostwritten novels and memoirs, to multi-media live events, and beyond. While I always have a few personal projects on the docket, I'm interested in partnering with new brands, companies, and collaborators to produce intelligent, progressive, and sharply comedic content. So drop me line if you're interested in making something together, yeah?